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About Me

My passion has always been towards learning and development and Health & Fitness.I have spent 8 years in the corporate world, working with multinational companies and I hold an MBA degree in Human Resources and a CIPD from (Bradfield). I've been recently working as a Corporate Trainer for one of a leading group in Dubai.

I strongly believe that its extremely crucial to have a healthy mind and a body to live life to its full potential. It gives me immense satisfaction to develop others, work on their strength and weakness, to bring out the best version of themselves and contribute towards their  physical and mental well being.

I took upon the Pilates journey in 2015 along side a full time corporate job. I am a Certified Scott Pilates Instructor in Mat Work, and Total Barre and a trained Reformer instructor from Real Pilates (Dubai) and Merrithew (Toronto). Currently I am realizing my long held love for "Yoga" and pursuing my yoga education.

In 2017, I realized that it was the right time for me to listen to my inner calling to take my passion and experience forward and so "Pilatree" was formed.

'Pilatree' is a mind and body studio where, we help people to re-connect with their innerselves and become the best version of themselves by transforming their mind and body to the best of their ability.We help people to come out of their stressful lives to see and discover the beauty within themselves and improve their overall emotional and physical wellbeing.

Along with the Physical aspects, I am extremely passionate about life long learning and personal development issues including;

- Leadership 

- Motivation

- Communication

- Public Speaking

- Stress Management

- Purpose / Passion

- Assertiveness/ Attitude

- Optimism

My hobbies include swimming, reading and writing and I cannot survive without good books. I am a strong believer in having fun and living life to its fullest.

My greatest strength and inspiration in life has been my family. My parents(who are no longer in this world but will remain in my heart until my last day.My loving and supportive husband and the most important and precious part of my life my 7 years old son, who is my world.


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