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 "Even in the most unbalanced situations, balanced is not too far"


Pilates purifies your mind while it exercises your body. Pilates is a mind and body technique that promotes health of your body as well as health of your mind and inner balance.

Everything we do on a day to day basis relies heavily on our balance,yet it is often neglected and is certainly underrated as a form of exercise training. We spend our entire lives trying to keep things in balance, whether it’s our checkbook, our diet, or our time management. As we age, we need to literally improve our physical balance to keep on doing the things we like to do.


Balance refers to the neuromuscular skill of activating the muscles and adjusting your body alignment to keep yourself upright. It comes from the ability to anticipate and react to challenges to the body’s postural equilibrium.

Pilates not only helps you to develop a physical equilibrium, it is a complete  mind and body practice that calms your mind and energizes your body, from early childhood development, right through to our later years of life the ability to maintain a controlled body position whilst performing a certain task is essential to our every-day functioning. 

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