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If breathing is the physical key to attaining mind-body awareness, then concentration is the mental key.Concentration can be thought of as the conscious control of  mind and bod.

It is difficult to practice Pilates with a wandering mind. “In Pilates, we ask you to move one vertebra at a time,” and that requires concentration.Pilates scored higher on measures of mindfulness — such as the ability to act with awareness, rather than being on an “automatic pilot” 

Concentration is viewed as the "bridge between awareness and movement, Once you have established your baseline, it is essential to bring that same awareness into every movement. Checking in with your body periodically can help to develop your concentration. If you find yourself thinking about something other than your workout, scan your body, especially those places you are working to retrain, and notice if they are engaged, relaxed, stabilized, or moving as they should be in the exercise. By bringing your awareness and concentration to a particular muscle you facilitate the firing of that muscle. Where patterns exist, it can be difficult to work the correct muscle(s) even with intense concentration, but nearly impossible without that attention. 

Remember to keep it light, you can over-think things. If you become tense or frustrated, let it go. Do your best, you can always move on to another exercise, one that is easier or more familiar to your body, and return to the more challenging exercise later.

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