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Breathing properly promotes effective oxygenation of the blood, focuses the mind on each task and helps avoid unnecessary tension, particularly in the neck, shoulders and mid-back. Exhaling deeply can also help activate the deep support muscles of the body.

A three-dimensional breath pattern is encouraged, expanding the rib cage in all directions without neglecting anterior, lateral or posterior portions. During exhalation the rib cage closes in and down while the spine flexes slightly. For this reason, an exhale is suggested to accompany and facilitate spinal flexion. During inhalation, the rib cage opens out and up while the spine extends slightly. Therefore, an inhale is suggested to accompany and facilitate spinal extension. An exhale may be used during spinal extension in order to maintain abdominal recruitment to stabilize and support the lumbar spine


What is Lateral Breathing? 

In lateral breathing, air is directed into the sides and back of the ribcage. The ribs expand outward and upward, like the handle of a bucket. In pure lateral breathing, the belly moves only very minimally. In combined lateral-belly breathing, the ribcage expands and the belly gently extends outward a little.

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