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Embracing the world within

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

by Maria Mahmood

Hi !

How are you feeling today?

Unconsciously, the general expected reply to this question would be “ I am fine,” or we immediately reply saying “I am good” we never actually realize or spent a moment to think about how we actually feel on a daily basis. May be because we were never taught as a child the importance of feeling and how it affects our behavior and attitude.

We are always told to remain positive, strong, resilient, persistent through out life and I am nowhere saying that these traits are not important. These are as important as having feelings or emotions when in a state of anger, or dealt with a failure, loosing a loved one, meeting an accident, or a heart breaking event.

How you feel, has a lot to do with how you would behave, react or connect to the outer world. Your inner world is very much connected with the outside realm and so we attract what we are and how we feel.

Why is that some mornings we find ourselves more pleasant, energetic, vivid and on some just a little gloomy, not so pleasant and energized. I completely agree that a lot of how we feel depends on the external factors, events, people around us, and day to day occurrences and its completely normal to feel and take life with its natural ab and flows.

Its when we rebel with nature, try to surpass and suppress our feeling, emotions we encounter a chaos in our inner space, an emptiness of missing something when not addressing an issue serious at its core.

We only pay attention to our feelings at their highest or lowest never in between. Why? We keep filling our inner vessel with built up anger, resentment, negativity, hatred, disappointment and only feel it when the vessel reaches to its maximum, starts affecting our actions, behavior and attitude. Some of us doesn’t even embrace it even at the later stage because we were never taught to do so. Oftentimes, when faced with uncomfortable feelings, we tend to ignore them, push them aside, or even worse bottle them up, with the hope that they might disappear over time. But in reality, the uncomforting feelings reveal themselves in different forms in our lives and eventually become a part of who we are.

Feeling provides us a great deal of direction on how to move from moment to moment in life intelligently and consciously. It’s the nature way of informing us on how to fine tune our behaviors to bring out the best versions of ourselves in our daily professional and personal lives.

No matter at what stage of life you are, let yourself feel the feeling, don’t ignore and push them aside embrace them, express them on a daily basis in a positive way and accept the way the natural psyche of our inner world flourishes and grow.

Always remember expressing feeling would not make you a weak person. It takes a hell lot of courage to realize, understand, to open up and express feelings. It would make you a strong, authentic and an original person and to be honest nothing in this world can beat the “Natural version of yourself.”

Ask yourself,

1. What you’re feeling ?

2. Honor and recognize your feelings

3. Why are you feeling this way?

4. Where is the feeling coming from ?

5. Do what you can to fully express the feeling in a kind way with your family and close friends ?

6. Write down your feeling on a piece of paper every night and think of how you can address them in a positive way

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